Tubing Speeds: How To Know If You’re Going Too Fast


Tubing is a great summer activity, but it’s important to make sure you’re going the right speed. Going too fast can be dangerous and ruin the fun for everyone! In this blog post, we’ll tell you how to know if you’re going too fast and what to do if you are. Stay safe and have fun out there!

Finding The Perfect Speed For Tubing

Tubing is an adrenaline rush and is one of the most exciting water sports. Unfortunately, finding that sweet spot for each rider can be a bit tricky. Some riders may just want to cruise behind being pulled around at slower speeds while others want the rush of holding on for dear life as the waves wrestle to throw them in.

The key to finding the right speed depends on the rider’s comfort level and ability to stay in control.

Communicate With Your Riders Beforehand

Before you get started, make sure to communicate with your riders and ask them what speed they feel comfortable going. Some may be more experienced than others and can handle greater speeds while others might want it a bit slower or not at all. Make sure everyone is on the same page before you hit the waves!

Keep Watch For Signals

Even with having a conversation upfront about the desired speed, if the tuber is newer they may not know have a clear understanding of what tubing speed is too fast for them. Before they get in the water there should be clear hand signals to look for like thumbs down to slow down, OK signal to stay the same speed, and a pointing forward motion for faster.

These signals can help both the tuber and driver keep things comfortable and under control.

Know Your Tube’s Maximum Speed Limits

Different tubes can have different manufacturer limits. Make sure to read the safety guidelines that came with the tube. These guidelines are in place for a reason. The last thing we want is to hit a wave at the wrong speed and have a tube malfunction.

Remember To Consider Water Conditions

The speed of your tubing can also depend on the type of water you’re riding in. Different water conditions like swells, wakes or boat traffic can make a difference too. Even if everyone is comfortable with a certain speed, it may be necessary to slow down when encountering any of these obstacles.

General Tubing Speed Guidelines

If you’re new to tubing, the general recommendations are to keep speeds between 15-25 mph. But as you continue to enjoy this amazing watersport you will dial in a preferred and safe range that will provide the perfect amount of excitement without being too wild.

Remember that everyone is different and you should always watch for signals from your tuber about what speed is comfortable for them. Tubing can be a great time but it’s important to make sure everyone stays safe!

Get Out On Lake Coeur d’Alene And Start Tubing

If you’re visiting Coeur d’Alene, renting a boat for tubing is one of the best ways to enjoy the lake! Just remember that safety comes first, so make sure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities, and most of all… have a blast!