Why Pontoon Boats Are the New Favorite


Summer is in full force and so is boating season on Lake Coeur d’Alene. This year, pontoon boats are becoming increasingly popular as families are renting more and more of them for their summer fun. 

Why are pontoon boats becoming the new favorite among boat enthusiasts? Keep reading below!

Family friendly

Most importantly, pontoon boats are family friendly. They have flat, living room-style spaces with high walls and safety gates so the kids won’t be able to climb over the edge and put themselves in danger.

They also generally have much larger deck spaces and therefore allow for more passengers. Pontoon boats range in size, but generally, they can hold 8-16 people comfortably. There’s room for everyone!

Easy to drive

While being family friendly, pontoon boats are also notorious for being easy to drive. They are easier to maneuver around corners and over waves because they have expansive decks and multiple toons underneath. Because of their mobility, they are much more stable and less likely to tip or flip. 

Comfortable and stylish

With expansive decks comes comfort and style. Pontoons typically have plenty of seating, with benches, chairs, recliners, tables, and loungers in every configuration imaginable. You can also choose from plenty of color options and building materials so you are confident you’re getting a boat to match your wants and needs. 

Storage space

All of those seating options also offer storage space for your beach bags, towels, snorkels, and more! Most benches on pontoon boats have space underneath the seats for storage. Some boats even offer additional storage in the toons themselves. You’ll have no problem carrying everything you need without taking up living space on the deck!

Want to see some pontoon storage ideas? Click here.

Low maintenance

It all seems too good to be true, right? Well it gets better! Pontoon boats are great for so many reasons and low maintenance is also one of them. 

Pontoons are generally easy to care for. You can wipe them down or hose them off when there are spills and messes and if they need repairs, they’re easier (and cheaper!) to do.

Aluminum toons

Pontoon boats are made with high quality aluminum. This makes the toons much more durable and less likely to puncture in the event you scrape against something. If something does happen, don’t worry. Since they’re made of high quality aluminum, they’re easier to fix and it’s cheaper because they don’t need to be repainted. It’s a win-win!

Pontoon Boat Rentals

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