Why You Should Rent a Pontoon Boat on Lake CDA This Summer


So you’ve decided to rent a boat and head out on Lake Coeur d’Alene this summer. That’s great! You’re interested in several models but one in particular keeps popping up: the pontoon boat. Want to know why you should rent one this summer? Keep reading below.

What is a pontoon boat?

First things first, you’re probably wondering what a pontoon boat actually is. A pontoon boat is a flat boat that relies on toons, or hollow metal cylinders, to float on water. Unlike other boats, the pontoon boat has an expansive flat surface that allows for leisure on the water. Fully customizable with tons on layout options, this boat is perfect for families and large gatherings.

Interested in learning more about what a pontoon boat is and how it originated? Check out this article.

Pontoon boat features

As mentioned before, pontoon boats feature two toons underneath their surface (three toons would make it a tritoon). Below, we’ll cover some of the biggest pros and cons of a pontoon boat.


There are many pros to renting or owning a pontoon boat. However, these are the top three:


  • Pontoons are well known for their high capacity limits. Depending on its size, a pontoon boat can hold from 8-15 people comfortably. Now that’s a party!

Layout options

  • In addition to higher capacities, pontoon boats also offer endless layout options. Layouts can include couches, benches, recliners, tables and more, all in different configurations depending on your wants and needs.


  • With plenty of seating comes plenty of storage. Nowadays, pontoon boats offer plenty of storage under the benches and seats. Some manufacturers that offer tritoons also offer accessible storage in the middle toon so you can pack some necessities down there too!


Just like with pros, there are also a few minor cons to pontoons:


  • Pontoons are notorious for being slower than speed boats. That’s because they’re usually much larger and therefore require more momentum to move at the same speed. However, with any invention, there have been plenty of improvements over the years and now pontoons can reach speeds of 30-50 mph (as opposed to 10-20 when they first started out.) That’s plenty fast if you ask us!


  • With slightly slower speeds comes lower agility. It makes sense, really. When you have a larger boat such as a pontoon, it can be more difficult to maneuver than a small speed boat. However, don’t be alarmed. This issue is not something you’re bound to notice and is slowly fading away as boat manufacturers continue to make improvements.

What do you think?

So, what are your thoughts? Pontoons are pretty awesome and we think you’ll love them. Resort Boat Rentals, located on the Coeur d’Alene Resort, offers pontoon boat rentals in all sizes. We also offer several rental options ranging from 2 hours to a full day.

Interested in renting a pontoon boat on Lake CDA this summer? Contact us today and let’s get you set up!