Which paddle board is right for me

Choosing the best paddle board for all types of SUP

While those paddle boarding on Lake Coeur d’Alene may only think of one type of SUP — paddling leisurely around a flat lake — there are actually many different types of stand up paddle boarding. From catching some waves on the ocean to trekking down a river, there are plenty of ways to use a paddle board, which means the sport offers something for everyone. If you’re ready to rent a paddle board or purchase one for yourself, you’ll have some choices. The best paddle board for beginners is different from the best paddle board for advanced excursions. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a stand up paddle board:

Shape of the board:

Stand up paddle boards come in many different sizes and shapes. The shape of the hull and nose will differ based on what you’re planning to do. Wide, flat hulls with rounded noses are better for leisurely paddling, SUP yoga or even paddling on rocky waves, like a river, as they are more stable. If you’re going to be catching some waves, you’ll want a narrower board with a pointed nose, which cuts through the water and turns quicker.

Solid vs. Inflatable:

Most SUP boards are solid foam wrapped in fiberglass, although some are wood or plastic, but you can also get inflatable SUP boards. A solid board offers better performance, best for paddling fast and far. However, inflatable stand up paddle boards are great for those who lack storage space, plan to travel with their board or hiking in to a secluded lake. These are also great for SUP yoga or whitewater rafting, as they’re softer and more apt to handle bumps.


The length of your stand up paddle board can make a big difference as well. Longer boards are better for paddling fast and long-distance tours, while short boards are better for surfing and kids, because they are easier to maneuver.

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